The Control-Exclusion Core in Priority-Based Allocation Problems

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主题:The Control-Exclusion Core in Priority-Based Allocation Problems







程瑶,2018年在英国约克大学取得博士学位。2018年至今在澳门沙龙赌场经济学院工作,现任副教授。研究领域为机制设计、博弈论和健康经济学。相关研究发表在《Journal of Health Economics》、《经济学(季刊)》等期刊。


This paper studies a new concept of core for priority-based allocation problems: the control-exclusion core. We introduce a control system in which the control right of each object is concentrated based on priorities, and no coalition has redundant control rights over objects.

An assignment is the result obtained via agents trading their controlled objects. The control-exclusion core describes a set of non-empty outcomes in which any coalition fails to improve their wellfare via any approvable control system and its corresponding assignment.

We show that outcomes in the control-exclusion core are fair and efficient. Outcomes produced by the generalized top trading cycles are in the control-exclusion core and are equivalent to that in the refinement of the control-exclusion core. Moreover, the control-exclusion core and Balbuzanov and Kotowski (2019)’s weak exclusion core do not superset each other.